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2014 New York Season


New York Live Arts


When: Wednesday-Saturday, June 18-21, 2014

Where: New York Live Arts, 219 West 19th street, NYC



Elisa Monte Dance, Buglisi Dance Theatre and Jennifer Muller/The Works

Three Female Choreographic Voices in Four Shared Performances


The Company: Terese Capucilli,* Christine Dakin,* Kevin Predmore,* Virginie Mécène,* Helen Hansen French,* Jason Jordan,* So Young An, Marie Zvosec*, Ari Mayzick, Juan Rodriguez, Lauren Jaeger, Stephanie van Dooren, Darion Smith, Laszlo Major, Erika Langmeyer, Gillian Abbott, Eve Jacobs, Austin Sora (apprentice)  *did not perform

Composers: Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR); Justin Dello Joio

Lighting Design: Jack Mehler, Clifton Taylor

Costume Design: A. Christina Giannini

Production Stage Manager: 


The Program: BDT: Butterflies and Demons, We Are All... Our Father's Sons (W); EMD: Lonely Planet; JMTW: Miserere Nobis (W), Whew! (W)


Monte/Buglisi /Muller LIVE! will offer a unique opportunity to view three powerful female choreographic voices with careers spanning more than 30 years, together in one production. Five works, which incorporate three premieres, will be featured each night. Thirty-five dancers will participate. As choreographers, Elisa Monte, Jacqulyn Buglisi and Jennifer Muller are distinctly different, yet each shares the sensibility of creating work that combines virtuosic movement with an expressive edge that touches the heart – work that dances “full out” yet speaks of individual experiences and shared humanity. Their choreography allows dancers to stand out as individuals, while also allowing them to work in cohesive ensembles.

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