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2015 New York Season


New York Live Arts
Monte / Buglisi / Muller LIVE!


When: Tuesday-Saturday, June 16-20, 2015

Where: New York Live Arts, 219 West 19th street, NYC

Tickets: $40, limited seats at $20

Box Office: 212-924-0077 or Purchase Online


Buglisi Dance Theatre joins forces with Elisa Monte Dance and Jennifer Muller/The Works to present

Reflections on Water..... a series of five shared program performances featuring four pieces, two world

premieres, 26 Dancers and six noted designers.


Buglisi Dance Theatre will perform:  


Sand is the first of Jacqulyn Buglisi’s environmental trilogy. Set to Philip Glass’s brilliant and beautiful string quartet, the ballet is inspired by the beauty of the desert and the soil of the earth we so cherish for our existence.


Sacred Landscapes 5 (world premiere) In a world in upheaval by climate change and economic turmoil, where the teachings of religion and science collide, we seek to rediscover and restore our ancient connection to the sacred landscapes that have grounded and inspired us.  Set to a commissioned score by the visionary composer Paola Prestini with projection design by Jack Mehler, Buglisi’s new work, dedicated to the boundless flow of our planet’s water, explores the belief that sacred landscapes are passageways that facilitate access to a higher realm.     

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