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2019 New York City Winter Season


Ode to the Planet and Humanity 

Tues.-Thurs., December 10, 11, 12 | 7:30 PM

The Ailey Citigroup Theater

at The Joan Weill Center for Dance 

Choreography: Jacqulyn Buglisi
Commissioned Composer: Jeff Beal
Lighting Design: Jack Mehler

Co-Projection Design: Wendall K. Harrington, Yana Birÿkova
Costume Design: A. Christina Giannini
Performed by:
Blakeley White-McGuire

Jessica Higgins, Jessica Sgambelluri, Greta Campo, Can Wang
Lindsay Jorgensen, Carolina Rivera Moreno, Aoi Sato


It has been an enlightening experience working with film composer Jeff Beal, whose films have also addressed the social and environmental issues that face us today. We began our collaboration during the very tragic time of mudslides and wildfires in Southern California near his home. He is a true humanitarian. - jb
Ms. Buglisi is honored to have collaborated with Wendall K. Harrington in creating a residency at Yale that led to the projection designs for Moss #5, and for her introduction to the brilliant Yana Birÿkova.
The Moss project is an awakening to the current global climate crises that threatens the existence of all life on our planet. Variation#5 is the final dance in Buglisi’s Moss Anthology, an expansive realization of several ballets developed over a two-year period including residencies at UCSB and Marymount Manhattan College, and performed on both the East and West coasts of America and in Europe. The dance was inspired by the writings of Potawatomi botanist and poet Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer who draws on the wisdom of both indigenous ways of knowing and scientific knowledge for the sustainability of humanity through the practice of reciprocity.
The creation of “Moss #5 Variation” is made possible through a choreographer/composer commissioning grant from the O’Donnell Music and Dance Foundation, and through the generous support of Jody & John Arnhold, The Harkness Foundation for Dance, and with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. BDT acknowledges with appreciation G. Schirmer Inc. and St. Rose Music Publishing Co. BDT is grateful to the Howard Gilman Foundation for hosting a residency at the White Oak Conservation Center that provided creative exploration in the heart of the natural world.


KINGS (2019)
Choreography: Meagan King

Music: “Whispers of the Past” by Sound Effects Zone | “Solomon” by Hans Zimmer

Lighting Design: John Cuff

Performed by: Christopher Taylor, Aaron Frisby, Emerick Ligonde,
Isaiah Harvey, Jayden Williams Spoken Word: Wayne “Juice” Mackins

Mentored by: Renée Robinson

Ailey/Fordham BFA senior Meagan King and dancers are honored to be performing at the special invitation of mentor and teacher Ms. B. KINGS portrays the moving story of the five young boys of color unjustly labeled “The Central Park 5,” who were wrongfully convicted of the brutal rape and assault of a white female jogger in 1989, spending up to 13 years in juvenile and adult prison. The intention of this piece is to illustrate this injustice, yet depict the five—now adult—men are not just a pity case, but five kings whose perseverance must be celebrated.

First performed in preview for Jacques d’Amboise’s 85th birthday.
Choreography: Jacqulyn Buglisi
Composer: Max Richter
Lighting Design: Jack Mehler
Costume Design: Danielle Santos
Performed by: Blakeley White-McGuire

Taking inspiration from the Anam Cara,“soul friend,” and the writings of Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes, this ballet is dedicated to all people facing oppression and the plight of refugees today.

Music courtesy of Universal Music Publishing Group


UNUM (NYC Premiere)
Choreography: Virginie Mécène
Music Concept: Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi
Lighting Design: Jack Mehler
Costumes: A.Christina Giannini

Performed by: Ricardo Barrett, Alessio Crognale, Ben Schultz
Commissioned by Buglisi Dance Theatre

UNUM, One in Latin, explores the idea that mankind comes from the same force of energy. No matter where we are from, when we were born, what gender we are, or what religion we belong to. Unconsciously, we are one. ...human souls are the same, they belong to the same energy, an energy that impels the earth, the legends and the myths of all civilizations of the earth, human souls are the same... Mario Lucarda
UNUM is collaboration between Virginie Mécène and Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi that involves an interactive musical concept. It utilizes groundbreaking medical technology that is conceived to measure the breath based on technology developed by David Kuller. The expansions and compressions of the dancer’s rib cages as they breathe through the choreography are collected into data that is translated into sounds, thus allowing interactive composer Baboni-Schilingi to create a musical support that echoes the present moment.

UNUM is commissioned by Buglisi Dance Theatre and is made possible, in part, through public funding from the New York State Council on the Arts Individual Artists/Dance Commissions program with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State Legislature, and though the generous support of Inger Witter, John W. Kalpin, Jr., Eric Zinn, and the Buglisi Dance Theatre Annual Fund for the Future. 


Choreography: Ron De Jesus of Hubbard Street and Twyla Tharp’s Movin’ Out

Song: Billie Eilish
Lighting Design: Kristine Bendul
Performed by: Kristine Bendul and Abdiel Jacobsen

I Love You was inspired by Kristine and Abdiel’s desire to transcend dance by showing the many facets of their combined dance experiences, and had its premiere at Canada’s biggest Salsa Congress in October. Kristine and Abdiel are honored to share this piece tonight for Jacqulyn Buglisi.


SAND (2001)
Choreography: Jacqulyn Buglisi
Music: Philip Glass
Lighting Design: Clifton Taylor

Original Set Design: Venezuelan environmental artist Jacopo Borges

Costume Design: A.Christina Giannini
Performed by: So Young An and Ari Mayzick
Blakeley White-McGuire and Ben Schultz
Anne O’Donnell and Lloyd Knight


The beauty of the desert and the soil of the earth we so cherish for our existence have inspired Sand. Thank you Jacobo for your generosity and for heightening our awareness of our fragile environment

through your vision. –jb

The creation of Sand was made possible with grants from the New York State Council on the Arts and Harkness Foundation for Dance.

Choreography copyright © Jacqulyn Buglisi 2019
String Quartet No. 5, movements 1, 4 and 5 by Philip Glass © 1992,
used by permission of Dunvagen Music Publishers, Inc.

Choreography copyright © Jacqulyn Buglisi


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